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by Dawn Siler in Dawn's Daily Doodles

Welcome to the first installment of Dawn’s Daily Doodles.  I doodle everyday, most of the time however, no one sees the fruits of my fun labor.  I’ve decided (as of today) to share some of the interesting things that tickle my fancy and eventually end up on paper.

I love to draw and have been doing so for as long as I remember.  One of my earliest memories is of me laying on my grandmother’s living room floor with a handful of personalized pencils and box of Crayolas.  You couldn’t tell me anything!  I drew on almost any surface available (minus the furniture, of course); my bedroom walls however, were definitely an exception to the rule.  I oftentimes wondered why my grandmother never addressed the need I had to add caveman-like drawings on the pale pink walls of my bedroom.  In time, I came to realize that she likely thought it was a losing battle, deciding instead, to take the path of least resistance.

Doodling was my happy place (still is), even when things were, and are at there most chaotic.  It was my preferred way of peacefully rebelling against all I hated about school, as I was an introvert who preferred to stare out the window and draw pictures of Garfield all over my Trapper Keeper.  It was certainly better than listening to the teacher rattle on incessantly about algebraic equations I didn’t comprehend or care to understand.

Oh yes!  I was a rebel without a cause; wielding a freshly sharpened pencil; recklessly leaving my mark on bathroom walls, and every blank piece of loose-leaf paper or notebook cover I could get my hands on.  I had it bad!  Be that as is may, not much has changed.  I’m still equally obsessed with the art of the doodle.  It’s never really stopped.  I’ve literally saved and collected years of journals and sketch pads filled with my most intimate thoughts and (of course) daily doodles.  Perhaps, my children and (future) grandchildren will one day relish in learning about how cool and crazy their grandmother really was.  Astonishing as it may seem, these nonsensical renderings bring me a tremendous amount of peace.  It’s the one thing I do to quiet this neuro-divergent mind.  My art has always been a constant source of peace in my life.

Now that I’ve given you the very titillating back story, my intention is to post a doodle a day, or more.  If you’d like to join me in my diligent daily doodling, please do so, indeed.  I look forward to seeing what you dream about.  Leave me a comment and your artwork.  Let’s have some fun!

As always, peace, love and creative blessings all!  Have a wonderful evening.



Dawn Siler
I love you to my darling! :)
Evil Stutter
I love you my gorgeous darling :) Kiss kiss 😘

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