11"x14" Acrylic Paint, Alcohol Ink, Pencil, Oil Pastel, unframed


Description of Conundrums

Abstract, original mixed-media painting on paper by Dawn Siler.  Conundrums is a gorgeous painting (11 x 14) representing some of my favorite colors.  This beauty is on UNSTRETCHED canvas, this way the collector has the freedom to choose how they’d like to display their new painting.  All works are heavily varnished for adequate protection.

Every painting is signed and dated by the artist.

This work of art has been created on unstretched canvas and will be shipped via tube.


11 x 14

Mixed-media painting on Canvas (UNSTRETCHED)

Signed and dated on the front

Shipping: USPS Priority

About Me

Dawn Siler is an abstract artist who lives and works in Irving, Texas.  A native of Philadelphia, PA her colorful paintings are a continuation of her personal interest in meditation and the unconscious mind.  Having studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she concentrated on video and music production, her sense of space and visual awareness broadened.  A diverse career followed, but painting–a love that was largely self-learned–became Siler’s outlet for intellectual and creative self-expression.  Her paintings demonstrate a kind of automatic writing.  Inspired by the work of Lee Krasner, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Jackson Pollock, her work is closely tied to the spiritual in art.  Color, line, layers, drawn into patterning, and a floral palette saturates the canvas.  Intensity, rhythm and improvisation abound.  Her work possesses a raw unfiltered sensibility that speaks loudly, clearly and expressively.  Ever evolving, Siler’s bold and colorful compositions are visual poetry, weaving tales of universal and spiritual elements; constructs on her life’s journey.

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