6.5"x5" Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper


Description of The Shape of Things to Come

Welcome to my world of hand-painted mixed media notecards!  No two cards are alike, as each one is created directly in the spirit of spontaneity and love; signed, dated and created with the highest quality materials.  This card is 6.5 in x 5 in & as always shipping is free.

The colors and textures of The Shape of Things to come are representative of the light-hearted nature of the spring season.  This mixed-media piece will certainly bring the recipient joy when they open the envelope to read the sender’s salutations.  A warmer season is soon upon us, why not celebrate by telling the ones you love how you feel in an original piece of art.

I do hope you enjoy writing in these cards as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Should you have questions or are looking for something special please email me @ dawnsiler.art@gmail.com or leave a comment below.  Let’s chat!

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