Based in Irving, Texas, Dawn Siler, an abstract artist originally from Philadelphia, PA, possesses over 25 years of experience as a visionary abstract artist.  Focused on creating vibrant compositions, illustrations, and designs across various mediums, Dawn consistently delivers top-tier, meaningful pieces for sale and exhibition. Her mastery of color, light, visual composition, texture, and storytelling is evident, particularly in her conceptual works. Dawn’s dynamic paintings reflect her deep-seated passions, drawing inspiration from music, travel, meditation, and the subconscious.

Her artistic journey began with formal studies at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she delved into video and music production, expanding her spatial understanding and visual awareness.  Despite a diverse career path, painting, a skill largely self-acquired, emerged as Siler’s primary outlet for intellectual and creative self-expression.

Dawn has produced a diverse array of fine art pieces for exhibitions and commissions, encompassing paintings, drawings, graphic designs, and sculptures.

Siler’s paintings showcase a distinctive blend of automatic writing and storytelling, drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists like Lee Krasner, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jacob Lawrence and Picasso.  Her art is intricately woven with the spiritual essence of the medium, utilizing deep colors, layered textures, and earthy surfaces that saturate the canvas.  The compositions embody a convergence of intensity, rhythm and improvisation, presenting a raw and unfiltered sensibility that resonates boldly, clearly and expressively.

In a state of continual evolution, Siler’s bold and colorful compositions embody visual poetry, weaving narratives that touch on universal and spiritual elements, encapsulating the essence of her life’s journey. This journey led to thirteen exhibitions and a solo show between 2021-23, held in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and Illinois.