Color, Texture and the Road Less Travelled

by Dawn Siler in Color & Texture

It’s been some time since I’ve sent updates on what’s going on in my artistic life, as January and February have been quite active.  As some of you may know, I absolutely love working with texture, and lots of COLOR.  I’m not sure how this obsession began, but what I do know is that my artistic evolution has everything to do with my personal growth.  And boy have I grown!  2020 and 2021 were game changers for me, as I took my time at home to get to know myself better and experiment with some crazy materials to construct my creations on canvas, paper, and wood.  I’ve used paint, clay, metal, grout, maps, pastels, computer chips, and varying other materials over the past couple of years to express my feelings and share my love of adventure.  Creating has been from the beginning, my moving meditation; my way of connecting with the spirit.

With that in mind, each work represents my journeys and my longing to always take the “road less travelled.”  Where is your road less travelled?  What is your moving meditation?  Have a great day everyone!  Peace, love and creative blessings.  Until next time…


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